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BABOR ADVENT CALENDAR 24 DAYS TO FLAWLESS SKIN A 24-day countdown to flawless skin with a fairytale twist. Each door contains a 2 ml high-performance ampoule serum concentrates for every skin need. After 24-days skin is hydrated, lifted, and rejuvenated for a flawless, holiday glow. LEARN MORE
GLOW FOR THE HOLIDAYS The Ampoule Serum Concentrate Advent Calendar Includes: 1x Hydra Plus
2x Algae Vitalizer
2x Stress Control
3x Perfect Glow
3x Active Night
1x Collagen Concentrate
3x Lift Express
3x Precious Collection Rosé gold
2x Precious Collection Gold
2x Precious Collection Platinum
GREEN AGENDA This set will have no plastic in-lay to further support our sustainability efforts! This save more than 9,000 kg of plastic and 3,000 kg of CO2!
CHAPTER 1: A FAIRYTALE IN AACHEN There is a hint of cinnamon and cloves in the air.You discover the BABOR location in Aachen and admire the Aachen Cathedral while you stroll through the snow-covered Holiday village and snack on freshly baked ginger-bread.
CHAPTER 2: CELEBRATING BEAUTY SINCE 1956 You stroll past a beautifully lit window, with stunning products for all the see. You stop and understanding why there is a large sign saying “Celebrating Beauty since 1956” – the products says it all.
CHAPTER 3: EMPOWERING WOMEN As you continue your journey, you notice a ballerina, dancing only for herself – she doesn’t need an audience. She is beautiful. She is calm. She is poise. She is strong. She is confident – and it radiates from within.
CHAPTER 4: A MAGICAL SPA The snow flurries drive you back onto your journey. The ice AMPOULES above you sparkle as you enter the BABOR house. A gorgeous rose shows you the way and leads you to the first floor. There, all your stress, and worries melt away as you delve into the BABOR SPA.
CHAPTER 5: SIMPLY THE BEST You hear a soft whisper at the top of a staircase on the second floor. In the candlelight of the chandeliers, you can see lavishly decorated tables of gifts, just waiting for everyone to enjoy.
CHAPTER 6: BABOR LOVE You hear the voice again and peer through a keyhole. You see a couple, and as you look on you see the man hand a rose to his adoring lady – they are truly in love.
CHAPTER 7: OUR PROMISE You don’t want to disturb such a special, intimate moment – so you head over to a gallery on the 4th floor. You see a window, that once opened, gives you a glimpse into the future – but it is closed.However, you see a small ornament that gives you hope and promise for the next 65 years at BABOR: ASK FOR MORE.
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