Feet Smoothing Balm


Feet Smoothing Balm

Contents: 150 ml

Intensive cream for rough, cracked skin

340 b.Points

Feet Smoothing Balm is a rich cream for the intensive care of rough, cracked skin.

Feet Smoothing Balm is ideal for the care of rough, cracked skin, for example on the feet, hands, knees or elbows. Leaves the skin looking softer, smoother and more supple.

An extract of sorbus torminalis fruit stem cells exclusive to BABOR and olive oil helps promote the rejuvenation of the hydrolipid film. The cream helps to calm cracked areas of skin and helps promote rejuvenation.

Apply Feet Smoothing Balm several times daily to the affected areas of skin and massage in gently. In the event of extremely stressed skin, you can also apply the cream as a mask. Leave on for at least 15 minutes to take effect.