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NIC Skin Activator Mask
NIC Skin Activator Mask 75 ml Article number: 455031 Skin Concern: Hydration It is highly effective in helping the skin to absorb subsequent skincare products and leaves the complexion looking rosy and feeling revitalized. This Power Mask activates microcirculation and therefore increases the skin's blood circulation and thus the skin's ability to absorb subsequent skincare. More info Vegan $54.00Zur Instituts-SucheAvailable at the institute Zur Instituts-Suche
NIC Skin Activator Mask $54.00 / 75 ml
540 b.points More info
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This Power Mask activates microcirculation and therefore increases the skin's blood circulation and thus the skin's ability to absorb subsequent skincare. Please note: the effect of the mask manifests itself with a slight reddening of the skin and there may be some tingling sensation. Effect NICOTINATE is a derivative of vitamin B3. It leads to an activation of the skin and promotes blood circulation. Depending on the sensitivity of the skin, the stimulating effects manifest themselves as slight tingling, redness or warmth. Benefit Nicotinate: A form of vitamin B3, has been shown to help energize the skin and promotes skin vitality. Application Use 1-2 times a week, after cleansing. Apply the mask generously to the face, décolleté. . Omit the eye and mouth area. Leave on to take effect for 3-8 minutes. The length of time is determined by the fist sign of intense reddening. As soon as a large area of skin becomes reddened, rinse the mask off with plenty of water and apply your regular moisturizer. Do not leave the mask on for more than 8 minutes! Ingredients


The ingredients are listed in descending order calculated by volume in accordance with the mandatory labeling requirements.
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