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Active PurifierActive PurifierActive PurifierActive PurifierActive PurifierActive PurifierActive Purifier
Active Purifier 14 ml Article number: 401167
Previously AMPOULE CONCENTRATES SOS Acitve Purifier (408520)
Skin Type: Acne-prone skin, Oily SkinSkin Concern: Skin Clarifiers Ampoule Serum Concentrate for blemish prone skin. Active Purifier Ampoule Concentrates are an effective “miracle cure” in the fight against blemishes, pimples, and excessively shiny skin. More info Vegan Cleanbeauty $32.90
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Active Purifier $32.90 / 14 ml
329 b.points More info
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Active Purifier Ampoule Concentrates are an effective “miracle cure” in the fight against blemishes, pimples, and excessively shiny skin. After only 7 days, the skin looks more clarified, and pimples are reduced. In addition, the skin appears matte and excessive oily shine is reduced. They contain active ingredients that absorb excess sebum, support clarification of the skin, and thus help prevent new blemishes.

* Application study with 33 women, at-home application, 20–49 years old
Blemish-prone skin needs precisely tailored skincare to effectively counteract pimples and prevent them from reoccurring in the long term.

With properties that effectively reduce pimples, tea tree and shale oil are the core of the active ingredient complex of the Active Purifier Ampoule Concentrates. The antibacterial effect of the oils reduces pimple-causing bacteria are; they not only clear up existing skin blemishes, but also prevent formation of new ones.
Blemishes, such as pimples and blackheads, are often associated with excessive oil production by the skin. The active ingredient complex contains fine babassu seed powder that absorbs excess sebum and makes the skin instantly appear more mattified.
Active Purifier Ampoule Concentrates offer a fast and effective solution to treat blemishes and pimples thanks to precisely dosed, antibacterial, and effectively combined ingredients. They also counteract formation of new blemishes, absorb excess sebum, and mattify the skin.
To additionally promote calming of the skin and provide it with moisture, the active ingredient complex is also enriched with panthenol.
Effect The complex of tea tree oil, shale oil, and babassu seed powder in the Active Purifier Ampoule Concentrates help clarify the skin and mattify it; furthermore, it helps treat existing blemishes and prevent formation of new ones. Benefit The highly effective active ingredient blends of the Active Purifier Ampoule Concentrates provide support to treat blemishes and pimples to ensure that the skin’s appearance is visibly clarified. Excessive shine is reduced, and the skin appears matte after just one application*.

*33 women (at-home application), 20–49 years old, impure combination skin, oily skin
Application After cleansing, shake the ampoule and cover the neck of the ampoule with a cosmetic tissue or the enclosed ampoule opener. Hold the ampoule by the neck of the ampoule or the opener and break it open at the lower white ring with a quick snap. Place the concentrate in the palm of your hand; then apply it evenly to face, neck, and décolleté. Pat it gently into the skin. Follow with an application of skincare cream. Clean Beauty
BEFORE AND AFTERBEFOREAFTERUsed product: Active PurifierIn combination with: AHA 10+10 Peeling Gel, Cleansing Gel & Tonic, Rose Toning Essence, Pore Refiner, Blemish Reducing CreamPhoto represents only a visual representation of the result and does not claim to have reproducibility
Results from Test Subjects85%confirmed that their skin looks clearer overall*82%confirm that their blemishes are reduced*79%confirm that the ampoule is effective against blemishes*91%confirm that their complexion appears more matte after application** User test with self-assessment, Babor Center for Studies & Applications, 33 test subjects, 1x daily, for 1 week
Main active ingredientsIngredients


The ingredients are listed in descending order calculated by volume in accordance with the mandatory labeling requirements.
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