The specialist in face and body care

A BABOR Beauty Spa is a professional beauty salon that offers the full range of face and body care from BABOR as well as treatments with high-tech  beauty devices.

To provide this service, our partners need visible shop-front premises  in a town or country location.
A sales room with a shop window plus at least two enclosed treatment rooms, one of which is equipped with a shower and can be used to provide body treatments, is the ideal prerequisite for opening a BABOR Beauty Spa.


The specialist in face care

A smaller BABOR salon provides an opportunity to specialize in face care and high-tech treatments from BABOR. A sales room with a shop window and at least one treatment room is the basic requirement for our partners who wish to present themselves as skincare specialists.

Here, too, visible shop-front premises in a town or country location are a prerequisite.

The benefits of our partners at a glance

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